About us

Jadara for Clearance and Logistic Services:

was established in 1999 by Mr. Ashraf Zakaria. The company has a staff with long-standing and extensive experience in the field of custom clearance , Logistic and transport. Due to the good reputation which was associated with the company since its establishment as well as the increased of import and export businesses in the Jordanian market, Jadara has become one of the prominent and specialized companies in the custom clearance, Logistic and transport businesses within a short period. Jadara is considered one of the leading companies in the region with more than twenty years in the field of logistic services and custom clearance which made Jadara trustworthy to large companies inside and outside Jordan.

Jadara mission is to provide integrated and outstanding experiences to support its customers’ needs in the feld of custom clearance within the highest possible professional parameters as well as being the trusted reference in providing custom services and consultations to its customers.

To become one of the best logistic and custom clearance companies in the Middle East by working as one team with our customers.